What is CozyConcierge?


CozyConcierge was born out of the need to bridge a gap in postpartum care and the realization that the foundation for such a need exists within my occupational therapy roots, a profession I was proud to practice for nearly a decade.  

With all of our service and product offerings, we empower new moms to conquer this vibrant life stage, each her own way.  

CozyConcierge helps expectant moms thrive postpartum by rallying the social and practical support they need from the people they love.  It is based on research in health care, models of practice in occupational therapy, and plenty of insights from real moms. 

There is a large gap between the expert recommended, "build a strong support network," and, "plan ahead for the postpartum days," and actually doing it in a meaningful way while minimizing the stress during the process.    

This is truly a win-win process as CozyConcierge:

  • is completely tailored to the expectant family.  
  • helps families prepare for and feel supported during changes in life roles and managing daily life.
  • leverages the willingness of support networks to help and feel great about it.

I would be honored to help you navigate this essential process for your upcoming transition or as you help a loved one prepare.  Click here for more information about CozyConcierge.


Always wishing you and your family well. xo

Leora, Founder at CozyRack

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